Module 2 Collaborative Learning for Mentors in a Digital Age


In the recent decades digital disruption has meant that companies need to keep up with their competitors and fast changing markets by adapting quicker than ever, having fluid communication and having integrated knowledge exchange. This Module has 6 key sections where you will learn how Collaborative Mentoring and Peer Collaboration can assist as a powerful approach. You will learn about Collaboration and Collaborative Mentoring in general, then you will look at Virtual Mentoring and a Collaborative Tool that can take your Mentoring approach to a whole new level. There are 6 sections to this module:

  1. What is Collaboration & Collaborative Mentoring?
  2. The Benefits of Collaborative Mentoring & Virtual Collaboration
  3. Types of European Collaborative Mentoring in a Digital Age
  4. Preparing Yourself for Collaborative Mentoring
  5. The Importance of Peer Connections and Collaborating
  6. Build a Word Press Page

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes of this Module

  • You will learn what Collaborative Mentoring and Virtual Collaboration is
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of collaborative mentoring
  • Know the most important ingredients to ensure your Collaborative Mentoring approach works
  • Understand the different types of Collaborative Mentoring in a Digital Age with some great European examples
  • Prepare yourself with the skills, characteristics and environment needed to be a great Collaborative Mentor
  • Gain an appreciation and understanding of how important it is to have a Peer Collaborative Network

Course Features:

  • Duration 3 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Assessments Self