The Digital Change Makers Online Course is primarily designed for Business Advisors, Mentors and Entrepreneurship Educators working across the Business Support network including; Enterprise Centers, incubators and VET and Higher Education Colleges as well as private sector accountants and consultants.

The Digital Change Makers Course suits all mentoring digital levels especially those who are just beginning to engage in digital mentoring. The DCM Course consolidates mentors’ skills and confidence to using mobile and digital learning resources and opens them up to the ability to recommend digital solutions to their clients. This is done by providing mentors with practical guidance on the different ways to communicate with their mentees through various digital platforms such as Word Press, Webinars and TED-Ed. The digital platforms have been carefully chosen to present the Course to reinforce the mentors digital learning experience and demonstrate how they can use these tools for their own digital mentoring. The DCM Course includes four modules which comprehensively cover four key mentoring topics Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Project Planning.

Covid-19 and Social Distancing Doesn’t have to Disrupt Mentorship

DCM allows mentors to adapt to the current pandemic which has many more people adapting business to the virtual environment. While continuing to lead direct reports and collaborate with customers remain business imperatives in the new “workplace,” don’t forget your mentees. Great mentors show up and engage with mentees in crises and uncertain times, even when that requires creativity and adaptation. There are several reasons not to let your commitments slide and DCM allows you to keep your commitments from a digital perspective.

Facing an uncertain future, mentees now more than ever need to leverage connections with mentors to lower anxiety, overcome imposter syndrome, and grasp hold of their mentor’s hopeful vision of how they can not only weather the storm but continue to thrive in their business.

Overview of the Digital Change Makers Course and Modules

Module 1 Communication

  • Learn from other mentors how to master your communication skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your communication skills
  • How not to be a mentor
  • How to build trust and make mentoring meaningful
  • How to uncover and understand better your mentoring strengths and weaknesses
  • Using TED-Ed as a digital mentoring tool
Module 1

Module 2 Collaboration

  • The difference between collaboration and collaborative mentoring
  • The benefits of collaborative mentoring and virtual collaboration
  • Types of European collaborative mentoring in a digital age
  • Preparing for collaborative mentoring
  • The importance of peer connections and collaborating
  • Using a Word Press page as a digital mentoring tool
Module 2

Module 3 Creativity

  • Develop and practice digital mentoring creativity by learning useful tricks and implementing simple exercises daily into mentoring
  • Understanding how networking and collaboration fosters the development of good ideas and creative thinking in the work environment
  • Different creative thinking as a necessity and how to do this using different tools and techniques
  • Different digital tools that can enhance the mentor’s role and ensure creative potential is maximised
  • Using TED-Ed as a digital mentoring tool
Module 3

Module 4 Project Planning

  • How to successfully integrate a virtual project management platform and how to ensure this is achieved using a specific mentoring approach
  • What is needed when deciding on the right project management tool for client or mentee
  • Tips and tricks of a DCM Project Management tool and have all the backup webinar resources needed to back up smooth integration
  • How webinars can be used as a communication tool
  • Creating a Zoom webinar
Module 4