The biggest barriers thwarting businesses’ digital transformation efforts are a lack of change management capabilities, inadequate collaboration between IT and business lines, lack of skills and a risk adverse culture, according to an Infosys survey.

The survey of 103 senior managers, found the skills gap to be biting harder than ever before, with 42 per cent of respondents citing the issue in November last year compared with six per cent in March.

“We know that the digital skills gap is a major issue for businesses. It’s been discussed as a challenge for many years and there has been no significant progress,” said Infosys A/NZ president Ashok Mysore.

“This is a critical barrier to acceleration and if you review the report, the digital skills shortage is only getting worse.”

Firms frequently report that the lack of skilled technology workers has become a barrier to growth. The situation may get worse before it gets better, a report from NBN, forecast that half of all workers will be in roles requiring high-level programming by 2030.

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